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Affordable Greenscreen Stage
in Los Angeles / Culver City

When you need to do a green screen shoot and don't need a huge space and overly expensive stage costs, we're here to help.  Located in Culver City California, we offer an inexpensive alternative to other green screen stages in the Culver City and Los Angeles areas.

What makes us different?

We built the stage because we had such a constant call for quick, affordable green screen shoots. Unfortunately most places around town had two main problems...


1. Other stages were just too big for interview shoots.  We just didn't need a 3000 sq ft facility to shoot an interview setup.  If you need 3,000 sq ft for your shoot, then WE ARE NOT the stage for you.  If you are planning on bringing a crew of 25 people,  then you may want to look elsewhere.  Our stage is designed for small, efficient, greenscreen shoots with smaller crews. 


2. Other stages had tons of hidden up-charges that added up to be too expensive for our needs.  

For example, we had to use their lights or pay for parking.


Our rates are exactly as stated.   We have no hidden charges, no requirements to use our lights, no stage manager to pay, no parking or power fees.  Simple.



Stage Specs and Rates

Our Stage is 10ft tall X 10 wide X 15ft deep and is perfect for interviews, behind the scene commentaries, visual fx, castings, coorporate videos and product shots.


The cyc is pre-lit, sound treated, climate controlled and has a private room adjacent for producers.  If you need extra lights, audio, cameras or crew we've got that as well.

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