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ADR / Voice Over / Mix

Conveniently located on the West side, Station 22 provides stereo and 5.1 mixing, ADR, voice Over,  and original music cues for commercials, documentaries, features, video games and more.

You spent the time to get everything in your film or commercial just right, the right actors, the right crew, the perfect edit, and now it's time to mix!


Our stages are set up to mix in 5.1 surround or stereo for film, television and DVD.  We primarily mix in Pro Tools 11HD, however we have other software availble if you've already started your project in another application such as Logic.


Mixing in Stereo or 5.1

At Station22 we go beyond just making your audio mix sound better, we're experts at adhering to the flurry of different requirements set by film and television broadcasters. 


For example, did you know that the "CALM ACT" or Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act which just passed is going to enforce new loudness standards on all broadcast commercials?  If your mix doesn't comply you will be rejected by stations QC departments. At Station22 we have just the right tools to ensure your mix meets all current standards.

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