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Ready to start your project? Awesome!

These are the questions we get asked every single day.

We hope this helps in answering a few of your queries before getting started. 

  • How directly do I have to be involved in the creation process?
    We love it when you get involved; after all, it's your project. We also understand that you're busy and not always able to come in. We can setup a secure web page for you to check the status of your project and we're never too busy to take your phone call.
  • What about deposits or payment schedules?
    Projects usually follow the 25/25/50 rule, which includes a 25% deposit due at signing and 25% mid-project with the remainder due upon completion. This, however can vary by project type. For example, if we're shooting a one-day event without any post production, payment is due in full.
  • How can I decide between so many different production companies in Los Angeles?
    Here are three helpful tips... Watch their reel. Do you see the same quality you're looking for in your video? Meet with them. Do you communicate well as a team? Do they understand your brand? Are they Insured? This is really, really important. Make sure they can issue you a certificate of insurance before you begin.
  • How long have you been in business?
    Station 22 has been creating professional award-winning videos since 2004! We work hand-in-hand with • National Brands • Corporations • Product Creators • Celebrities & Influencers • Ad agencies There is no substitute for hard work and experience. If you're looking for guaranteed professional results, look no further!
  • Do you have insurance?!!
    We are FULLY INSURED! It's very important that any production company you hire be fully insured; if a light or camera falls and breaks (hopefully not on someones head), you are fully covered. That friend of a friend who says he can do your job for 90% less than everyone else probably doesn't have full-coverage production insurance. Any production company worth it's salt can easily provide you with an insurance certificate , with your name on it for peace of mind!
  • What do I materials do you need from me?
    If you know what you want to produce but have no materials, then just your ideas will do. We can take it from there. If you already have some elements such as footage, music, designs, pictures, style references, or just sketches on a napkin, we'll take that, too.
  • How much does a video cost?
    A fantastic question that can easily be answered once we discuss your project. Before generating a custom quote, we need to understand the scope of the work. Every video presents unique challenges. You should be very suspicious of any company that gives you a quote immediately without a detailed understanding of your project needs.
  • Why do you ask so many questions before giving a quotation ?
    Creating a video is not an assembly-line process. We strive to understand your product, service, or brand long before beginning your production. Any professional company should ask you a multitude of questions (and more importantly, the right questions) before attempting to offer their services to you.
  • What about hard drives or storage?
    We'll probably work off of our drives because of speed, but we HIGHLY encourage you to bring in your own hard drive for back-up purposes. Once your project is completed, we will back up your files onto your hard drive so you can take them home for safekeeping. Not sure what kind of hard drive to buy, just ask us! Most 2 TB Mac-friendly drives can be purchased online or at your local electronics store for about $200. This should be fine to archive most projects.
  • How long do you keep my project when we're done?
    We attempt to store your project forever so when you call to update your project in the future, we can pull it up quickly. However, hard drives can fail, so we can give no actual warranty as to the duration your project can be stored. We highly, highly encourage you to take a copy home with you for safekeeping.
  • How do I start?
    You already have! (You're reading this aren't you?) Just contact us and tell us about your project. We will review it carefully and call you to discuss the details.
  • How long will my project take to complete?
    The first step is to figure out what services you need. Then we factor in any deadlines you may have. Finally, a customized project timeline will be generated just for you!
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