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National Commercial :30 sec
Director - Noah Clark
DP - AJ Raitano
Agency - PJA

Brother Printers - "Don't Supersize, Optimize"

Station 22 was hired to create a fun spot to showcase Brother Printers new line of smaller printers.   We created the storyboards, built the GIANT PROPS, filmed, edited and finished this :30 spot for national television.

Creating the storyboards and animatic

Storyboarding is an effective tool to help visualize what your project will look like before we get to set. This is an often overlooked stage by clients, but has two major benefits you might want to consider.


The first is simply creating a better project. Being able to visually see how we imagine the shots to look will only enhance your understanding of the process and ultimately lead to better looking end results and tighter deadlines. The second is time and money. There are so many moving parts and people once we are actually on set, and overtime is costly. The day of filming is not the time to be figuring out how to frame shots or tell the story.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures of the making of the props and filming.

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