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Client: Westfield / LAWA (Los Angeles World Airports)
Type: Creative Campaign / Brand Overhaul
Director - Noah Clark
DP - AJ Raitano
Agency - Station 22

LAX - "Astonish"

In one of our largest and most comprehensive projects to date, Station 22 was hired as the agency of record by Westfield and LAWA (Los Angeles World airports) to create multiple assets that would showcase the extensive $4 billion dollar brand overhaul of the Tom Bradley International terminal.  The entire project took 3 years to complete.


• Station 22 started by designing and creating two new logos for the brand.  Westfield's LAX logo and the official international terminal logo.  These logos would serve to anchor and create visibilty for the brand




Station 22 then designed and created the airports digital interactive touchscreen maps located throughout the international terminal.



Before the process of creating the investor brand launch video, it was important to generate some style frames that would serve to give our client an idea of the look and feel.

Finally the terminal was opened to the public and Station 22 was tasked with capturing engaging timelapse photography to showcase the architecture, media screens, and give an overall vision of the new space that could be used in the final brand launch video.

We were then asked to capture a birds eye view of the space using a drone. 

Filming a model shoot in a large bustling terminal proved challenging as you can't shut down an active working airportl terminal or interfere with passenger schedules.  However with careful planning and a cast and crew of over 40 people, Station 22 was able to capture everything perfectly!

Combining all of the above elements, the final video was created.  This videos purpose was to give travelers a feel for what the new LAX had to offer, and entice investors of other airports to remodel with Westfield.

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